Winter Break Contest '22 - Santa's Workshop

Welcome to the 2022 Winter Break post-Christmas? New Year's contest!

Over one week, you'll have the opportunity to solve 11 problems (the first one definitely being legit). Do note that the problems aren't necessarily in increasing difficulty (some using topics not yet covered!) but are ordered by lesson. Hence, it is strongly recommended for you to read all of the problems regardless (some have more approachable subtasks as well). It is guaranteed that all problems will be solvable with Java or C++.

Happy Winter Break!


Problem Points AC Rate Users Editorials
Last Christmas 1 19.0% 10 Editorial
Ready, (Set), Go! 5 57.1% 10
Jack Frost 10 30.8% 4
Tree Visibility 5 60.7% 9 Editorial
Workshop Sabotage 12p 15.4% 3
Christmas Party 7p 23.9% 9
Present Panic 12p 82.4% 4
Door(Dasher) 7 44.4% 4 Editorial
Elfland Transport Committee 7 83.3% 3
Wire Removal 10 19.0% 3
Wishlist Worries 17p 41.7% 3 Editorial


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