About MCPT

The Mackenzie Computer Programming Team, affectionately known as MCPT, is a group of dedicated individuals focused on furthering their computer science knowledge and competing in programming competitions. The team consists of 5 branches — Communications, Competitive, Judge, Mentorship, and Learning. MCPT members are interested in learning beyond their course material, building their critical thinking skills, and being persistent towards improvement. These students compete in various special events, as well as ranked on-site programming contests each year.

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Shane Chen (marsflat)

Hi! I’m Shane. Some of my hobbies are swimming, playing the trumpet, programming (who would’ve thought!) and math. I keep forgetting negative signs, but that means I’m all for positivity, right?!

Daniel Ye (Trent)

Living off of sugar and spring-powered staplers

Daniel's stapler

Vice Presidents

Competitive VPs
Max Sun

bing chilling

Joshua Wang
Learning VPs
James Huynh

“Keep on keeping on!”

I'm your go-to Linux cybersecurity expert, binary wizard, hardware enthusiast, and game developer extraordinaire. When I'm not rocking out to modern rock or coding in Perl, you can find me customizing keyboards or sending cat memes to people.

Luka Jovanovic
Communications VPs
Annie Wong

Hey guys! Although I spend an unhealthy amount of screen time on graphic design and digital art, I do actually touch grass (wow)! I smack birdies around with a badminton racket all year round and tumble down big hills on a snowboard in the wintertime. My house is also kind of a zoo because I have 3 cats and a dog. Please help me stop chelsea from yoinking them.

Chelsea Wong

hey! idk i kinda like kpop haha - my obsessions aside, i think programming, art (2d, 3d, lettering, animations), cybersec, skating, webtoons, and making food is cool. i also try to keep my duolingo streak alive. also do hackathons guys! very fun!!!! don’t tell annie but, i want to kidnap her cats.

Mentorship VP
Sulagna Nandi
Judge VP
Ken Shibata

Hello (✿◠‿◠) I enjoy almost anything related to EECS (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 💞 (also cursed by tofu) a heart



Aaron Zhu, Ethan Zhu, Angelina Jiang, Eric Ning


Sion Gang, Daisy Li, Pouya Karimi, Daniel Morgan


Alicia Chung, Alyn Huang, Alex Peng


Fatma Jadoon, Parsa Hemmati, Nirvan Rabbani


Tom Philip, Jason Cameron