2022-23 Executives


Jeremy Liang (Averesoft)

Hi, I’m Jeremy! Ever since grade 9, MCPT has been a big part of my school life, and I’m glad that I get to contribute in giving back to the community! I’m open to conversation, especially if it’s about guitars, podcasts, or anime!

Leyang Zou (BattleMage_)

Hey, I’m Leyang! I first discovered programming in Grade 8 and have been doing it ever since, focusing on competitive programming. I’m usually online on Discord, so feel free to reach out to talk about MCPT-related stuff, Brawl Stars, Pokémon, or the French language :)

Vice Presidents

Competitive VPs
Daniel Ye

I really like my spring-powered stapler :P

Daniel's stapler

Jimmy Liu

Hi, I’m Jimmy! You may remember me from the Learning Branch last year, but I’m excited to be one of your Competitive VPs this year!

Learning VPs
Bernie Chen

Piano player, amateur composer, resident rick-roller. Lives by the motto Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Hazel Guo

hi im hazel. drowning in the endless work of grade 12 sciences i aspire to make it out alive. remember to eat the frog 🐸

Mentorship VP
Ishan Garg

Hello, I’m Ishan! I’ve been helping people with programming for several years. If I don’t reply to you within 5 minutes I’m probably watching Loki :)

Communications VP
Alisa Wu

No, it's pronounced A-lee-sa not A-liss-a… and definitely not Alyssa, Alicia, Alison, or Alisha ._.

Judge VPs
Ken Shibata

Hello (✿◠‿◠) I enjoy almost anything related to EECS (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 💞 (also cursed by tofu) a heart

Also a complete copy off of Alisa's but its [nyi-yui] not /nyui/ (I'm too lazy to type IPA).

Paul Lee

Hey I’m Paul! I’ve been maintaining the mainframe since 2005.



Alicia Chung, Alyn Huang, Chelsea Wong, Yujin Bae


Aaron Zhu, Ethan Zhu, Max Sun, Shane Chen


Patrick Lin, Jason Cameron


Catherine Makarytchev, James Huynh, Luka Jovanovic, Ryan Atlas


Annie Wong, Fatma Jadoon, Sulagna Nandi