2021-22 Executives


Steven Guikal (Bit)

Somewhere on the internet in real life…

Kenneth Ruan (kenneth_ruan)

Hi! I'm Kenneth 👋 I like a bit of everything. Programming, graphic design, athletics, the list goes on. Not as fun for the poor employees taking my sandwich order, but what can you do?

My love for trying things is what brought me to MCPT in the first place! The past three years have passed by in the blink of an eye. From ICS to competitive programming, I've dabbled in it all and in the process made so many wonderful memories.

I’m sure that within MCPT you’ll find something that’s right for you! Looking forward to a wonderful year and meeting you all :D

Vice Presidents

Competitive VPs
Alan Li (AlanL)

Hi, I’m Alan and I’m one of your competitive VPs for this year. I’m looking forward to running contests and helping others with programming and contest practice! Feel free to talk to me about other stuff as well, like Offline TV and friends, Genshin Impact, mechanical keyboards, speed typing etc.

Nicole Han (nicoella)

Hey, I’m Nicole! I like coding! :v)!

Learning VPs
Ronald You (RonaldYou1)

Hey there, I’m Ronald. I like to crack jokes and relax when I can. On top of that I’m always willing to help anyone out so If you need anything feel free to reach out!

Ben Zeng (yeahbennou)

CS one-trick with an unfathomable number of unfinished side-projects. Also does competitive programming sometimes. I guess.

Mentorship VP
Diana Lin (hirundinidae)

Hello! Writing a bio is very difficult and I wish there was someone to assist me. Luckily, if you need help with ICS classes, MCPT Mentorship is here to lend a hand! Reach out to discuss ICS homework, speed typing, athletics, and measuring a swivel chair's true height :]

Communications VP
Justin Lu (skyflaren)

Loves technology and art, especially when they overlap. Hobbies include programming, photography, and design. Also a fan of mechanical keyboards, macOS keyboard shortcuts, Half as Interesting, Offline TV, Harry Potter, cardistry, and Riot Games music :D

Judge VP
Ivy Fan-Chiang (blackbox)

Hello, I’m Ivy! From MCPT I’ve had the chance to meet so many amazing people and learn so much about web development, problem solving, and open source software. I’m eager to help make sure our MCPT events run smoothly from the background and make improvements to our judge and community (all while choking on 3D printer fumes).



Alisa Wu, Chelsea Wong, Eric Shim


Celeste Luo, Paul Lee, Ken Shibata


Daniel Ye, Justin Zhu, Leyang Zou


Hazel Guo, Jimmy Liu, Jeremy Liang, Vlad Surdu


Bernie Chen, Ishan Garg, Fatma Jadoon