Lesson Archive

Mackenzie’s Computer Programming Team has been successfully running a variety of branches and programming lessons for Mackenzie’s students since 2014. With each year, MCPT grows, learns, and adapts. Branches are scrapped and new ones are made to fit the needs of students. In this archive, you will find a collection of MCPT’s hard work throughout the years - see below for lessons and descriptions from retired branches.

Lessons dating back before 2018 can be found here.


Are you a girl who wants to get into coding but doesn't know where to start? Our lessons are from girls, by girls, and for girls, as we teach curriculum and enrichment upon it to help anyone who wants to start coding with the basics and a little extra.

Lessons can be found here.

Game Dev

If you're new to coding, learning Processing in class, or want to start making games, you're in the right place!

At Game Dev we teach you how to code video games from scratch. We have a variety of lessons merging practical coding that expands on the ICS2O course with the unique perspective of Game Development. Where other courses teach how to code, we go further and explore what you can create with basic coding skills. Hover over the links to preview our lesson topics.

Game Dev was founded by Andy Pham, Derek Zhang, and Dereck Tu.

Lessons can be found here.


The co-ed branch of MCPT focuses on introducing you to the basics of competitive programming. If you're interested in competitive programming but don't know where to start, this is the branch for you.

Lessons can be found here.