The co-ed branch of MCPT focuses on introducing you to the basics of competitive programming. If you're interested in competitive programming but don't know where to start, this is the branch for you.

Meetings: Tuesdays Lunch @ 11:45 in room 222

Season 1 (The Basics) - Teaching you the ropes of competitive programming and problem solving

Season 2 (Algorithms) - Getting into the real stuff. Teaching you about algorithms like graph theory

  • Lesson 8 (2019-02-18) - Graph Theory
    • Follow up (2019-02-25) - Graph Theory Examples (whiteboard demonstrations)
  • Lesson 9 (2019-03-19) - Recursion

Lyon's Computing Competition

MCPT hosts monthly in house competitions where you can practise the skills you learn at CPT. LCC is super fun and makes competitive programming enjoyable. Join a room full of programmers in counting down the start of the contest and cheer each other on when you solve a problem. Keep an eye out for notifications on the MCPT Facebook page to sign up for LCC. You can compete by yourself or with a team of up to 4 people.

All LCC problems are uploaded to our judge one week after the competition so you can try the problems you didn't get to during the contest.