Game Dev

If you're new to coding, learning Processing in class, or want to start making games, you're in the right place!

At Game Dev we teach you how to code video games from scratch. We have a variety of lessons merging practical coding that expands on the ICS2O course with the unique perspective of Game Development. Where other courses teach how to code, we go further and explore what you can create with basic coding skills. Hover over the links to preview our lesson topics.

Game Dev was founded by Andy Pham, Derek Zhang, and Dereck Tu.

Disclaimer: We provide code to demonstrate and educate. Do not copy our code for use in school assessments, especially when it goes beyond the scope of your class. We may use advanced techniques in our lessons and will clearly mark when we do. It is up to you to use your discretion. When in doubt, ask your teacher. Keep in mind that they are fully aware of these materials. Their word is final.


MCPT 2019-2020

O, Brave New World (2018-2019) - Brush off the dust with lessons from when we switched to Processing.

The Dark Ages (2017-2018) - Satisfy your morbid curiosity with Turing Lessons from Game Dev's conception.


Dive into where we learn how to make games and what we use to make them, with our favorite resources from across the Internet.