Competitive Branch Contest #2

Welcome to the second competitive contest of the year!

You have 2 hours to solve four problems of increasing difficulty. Each problem is worth a total of 100 points. Each problem will have opportunities for partial points, so you should go for these if you cannot solve a problem fully!

These problems will revolve around the topics we will cover next week (Dynamic Programming). If you need help, remember to look at the slides from last time, which are posted here.

There will be bonuses for this contest. For every 5 minutes before the contest ends, you will receive one point, multiplied by your score as a percentage. Additionally, you will earn 10 points for a full AC on your first try for each problem.

Good luck!

~Competitive Team


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Material Farming 7p 25.0% 5
Alan's Candy Grams 10p 13.2% 2
Pillars 10p 80.0% 2
Monke Knapsack 25p 50.0% 1


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