Competitive Branch Applications Open!

posted on Nov. 7, 2020, 11:00 a.m.

Executives have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who applied — we really appreciate your dedication and commitment to this club and it truly is amazing to see so many people with a passion for what we do. If you didn't receive a position this year, don't be discouraged! We'll be looking for new executives next year.

MCPT is officially accepting applications for the Competitive Branch!

MCPT's Competitive Branch is the branch known to Mackenzie for, well, competitive programming! From problem setting to contest hosting, this branch is the heart and soul of Mackenzie's eager programming community. If you would like to be part of the team, be sure to apply with the link below. The deadline for applications is November 13, 11:55PM.

Part of the application process this year is a contest to test your skills at both solving problems and explaining solutions. Attempt all problems — they are not in the order of difficulty. We do not expect anyone to get perfect! After finishing, you must write an editorial for any problems you've solved or gotten partial points on. Submit these as part of your application.

You can find the contest here:

Note that this is part one of a two-stage application process. If successful, you will be invited to an interview with the presidents and vice presidents.

Apply here: sure to login with your student email
Role descriptions:


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