Exec Contest

This contest has been created to test the skills of those applying for the position of Competitive Branch executive. Attempt all problems - they are not in the order of difficulty. Once you are finished, submit your editorials through the application form.

You have until November 13, 11:55PM to complete this contest. Failure to do so will result in your application not being considered.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Larry's Shoes 10p 62.1% 14
Larry and Olympiads 15p 8.8% 3
Larryaaaaa 10p 3.6% 1
Larry's Array 15p 13.4% 7
Larry and Mate 20p 17.2% 4
larREEEEEE 7p 38.2% 11
Larry and Nerdiness 15p 15.0% 4


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