Weekly Contest 4: Dijkstra's Algorithm

Welcome to the fourth 2023-24 Weekly Contest!

Before writing the contest, please ensure you have completed this week's attendance, found here.

This week's contest will feature 6 problems on Graph Theory and Dijkstra's Algorithm. Before writing the contest, you may wish to check out the faq and tips pages.

The contest will run until next week's competitive lesson. During this time frame, you can join the contest anytime and solve the questions. You can also leave the contest and your submissions won't be lost. Some problems offer partial marks in the form of subtasks, solve these for those extra points!

Number of problems: 6, full feedback (you will see the results of your submissions instantly).

Problem setter for this week's contest: ninja888.

Feel free to refer to our Dijkstra's Algorithm slides, found here.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Christmas Party 7p 23.9% 9
Shortest String 10 18.6% 8
Collecting Commission Rewards 10p 25.0% 3
Ship-Shipping Ship Safety 10 34.0% 8
CCC '15 S4 - Convex Hull 15p 13.6% 3
CCC '20 S2 - Escape Room 10p 45.5% 4


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