ICS Semester 1 Contest 4

Welcome to the fourth ICS3U contest of the 2022-2023 school year!

These contests will not be marked, however participation may be mandatory as material on your portfolio. You do not need to complete all the problems if you decide to join the contest.

Parameters of this contest:

  • Scoreboard will be hidden
  • Contest Duration: 9 AM Monday December 12 to 11:59 PM Sunday December 18
  • No time or first time full AC bonuses
  • Number of problems: 4
  • Taking a look at the tips page and the input document given in class may be helpful.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Gate Crossing 3p 30.7% 26
Steve's Array 3p 68.5% 35
Rebuilding Secrets 3p 57.3% 52
Tracy and Her Marbles 5p 22.2% 7


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