2022-23 Diagnostic Contest

Welcome to the 2022-23 MCPT diagnostic contest!

Please fill out this form to register for the contest and get the access code.

The purpose of this contest is to test your familiarity with various competitive programming topics. Since the contest is timed, please make sure that you know how to use the online judge before joining it! Some good problems that you can try beforehand for testing are Hello, World! and Echolalia.

Parameters of the contest:

  • Contest duration: 2 hours
  • Number of problems: 6, full feedback, with partials (No clipped output)
  • Time bonus: 1 point for every 5 minutes before the end of the competition, multiplied by your score as a percentage, rounded down
  • First try bonus: 10 points for full AC on the first try
  • Not rated

Before the contest date, you may wish to check out the tips page.

After joining the contest, you proceed to the Problems tab to begin. You can also go to Users if you wish to see the rankings.

We have listed below some advice as well as contest strategies:

  • Remove all extra debugging code and/or input prompts from your code before submitting. The judge is very strict — most of the time, it requires your output to match exactly.
  • Do not pause program execution at the end. The judging process is automated. You should use stdin / stdout to perform input / output, respectively. It is guaranteed that all the problems will be solvable with C++ and Java.
  • Read carefully, and try to attempt all the problems. They may not be as hard as they seem and you may get partial points!


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Temperature Classifier 3 55.3% 64
Medians 5 57.4% 55
Bob's Friends 5 55.6% 50
Yard Sale 7p 19.3% 25
Post Office 7 37.3% 21
Candy Crush 7 18.3% 12


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