2022-23 Classroom Contest 6 - Shortest Path and Dijkstra

Welcome to the 2022-23 Classroom Contest!

Classroom Contests will be run alongside weekly lessons from every Tuesday's lunch period to the end of the Monday next week. They consists of at least 4 problems designed to be approachable for beginners and semi-challenging even for seasoned competitive programmers! After the lesson, feel free to ask questions, clarifications, or hints to any of the problems - this is an informal contest, after all. The problems should also all be public right after the contest, so you can also try them afterwards.

Problem difficulties for this contest will be spread out as such:

Problem Description
P1 A warmup problem, just to get your brain juices flowing ;)
P2 A problem relevant to the topic taught, can be solved from the content in the lesson
P3 A slightly harder problem than P2 but will use topics relevant to the lesson
P4 A harder problem, designed for senior students. May require further knowledge to fully solve.

Note: This week's P2 is the same as last week's P3.

The contest for this week will run alongside the Shortest Path and Dijkstra lesson. Hope to see you there!

This week's lesson slides can be found here


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Light Bulbs 5 47.4% 8
City Travels 5 41.5% 13
Ship-Shipping Ship Safety 10 34.0% 8
Space Travels 12 42.3% 4


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