Art Academy 0: Prologue

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Points: 3 (partial)
Time limit: 2.0s
Memory limit: 128M

Problem type

January 4th, 2028, marks the 25th time that hewmatt10 has gotten rejected from art school.

January 4th, 2028, also marks the day where he has started to go insane.

"I've had enough of this cruel, disgusting world," murmurs hewmatt10.

"I will one day have kidnapped each and every citizen of this world, and will have forced them all to suffer in the dark caverns of my cold and lonely basement."

"Once they're all trapped there, screaming for their worthless lives, I will begin to carry out my master's plan - force them to stare at my paintings for the rest of eternity."

In order for hewmatt10 to carry out his ultimate plan, he will be forced to perform some level of social interaction which, unsurprisingly, he lacks the ability to do. Instead of actually learning how to talk to others, he has instead asked for you to create a program that will say a sentence, based off of a given person's name.

The rules for creating a sentence are as follows:

  • Traverse each character in the person's name in order.

    • If the current character is a lowercase or uppercase A, print out: Hi!, followed by a space.
    • If it is a lowercase or uppercase E, print out: Bye!, followed by a space.
    • If it is a lowercase or uppercase I, print out: How are you?, followed by a space.
    • If it is a lowercase or uppercase O, print out: Follow me!, followed by a space.
    • If it is a lowercase or uppercase U, print out: Help!, followed by a space.
    • If it is a numeric character, print out: Yes!, followed by a space.
    • Otherwise, print nothing.

Input Specification

On the first line, there will be an integer N (1 \le N \le 10^2), specifying the number of sentences hewmatt10 needs you to create.

The next N lines will contain a person's name S_i (1 \le |S_i| \le 10^2), which you will need to create a sentence from. It is guaranteed that this person's name will consist of entirely alphanumeric characters.

Output Specification

For each of the N names that follow the first line, print out the sentence on a newline.

Sample Input


Sample Output

Hi! Follow me! Hi! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hi! Bye!


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