The 3rd LCC

posted on Dec. 20, 2022, 6:00 p.m.

Need a brrrreak from the winter weather? 🥶 That's snow problem. ❄️ Why not settle down with a nice cup of hot cocoa and focus on a nice winter-themed LCC instead?

The third Lyon's Computing Competition (LCC) of the year will be coming up this Thursday (December 22) at 5pm to 7:30pm! In case you forgot, it is a team programming competition with both a junior and a senior division for Mackenzie students.

A reminder that in order to write the CCC, you must participate in at least 2 LCCs, and if you're in a new team, make sure to sign up with the link below by 11:59pm tomorrow. As this form is only for new teams, existing teams cannot be changed.


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