A New Year! - Member Signups Open

posted on Oct. 8, 2021, 8:00 a.m.

MCPT is just about ready to start running again!

With lessons, game jams, and new team events planned, we can't wait to get started with the year! To join, be sure to fill in the following signup form.

To stay informed when these weekly events happen, join our Google Classroom.

What can you expect from us this year?

  • Lyon's Computing Contest - The LCC is a Mackenzie-wide coding contest. Form a team of up to 4 and show off your coding skills. LCC consists of a Junior and Senior division, so there's something for everyone, regardless of your experience level!

  • Competitive Lessons - Learn about common algorithms and concepts used in coding contests. The material is commonly tested in coding interviews and on national contests such as CCC! Topics covered include Graph Theory, Dynamic Programming, Data Structures and more!

  • GameDev Series - A series of game development workshops held by the Learning branch. Using Processing, you'll acquire the skills to make a game from scratch.

  • Game Jam (Winter break) - A 36-hour competition taking place during winter break where teams will be challenged to make a game. The event will be filled with workshops and other games to participate in. Prizes will be awarded to winners!

  • Hackathon (March break) - The hackathon will give you an opportunity to compete with a team of up to 4 members and design a program of your choice. Participants will be asked to create a program showcasing their creativity and coding skills to present to the judges. The hackathon will be filled with workshops and games as well as prizes once again for the winners.

  • Mentorship (Afterschool daily) - Sessions where you can ask an experienced exec for help with content in the ICS courses.


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