A Cybersecurity Victory Royale!

posted on May 30, 2021, 10:00 p.m.

This year's CyberTitan Finals has finally ended - with Mackenzie's team placing top two!

CyberTitan is a competition that focuses on providing students with learning opportunities through hands-on simulated environments in a competitive environment. It aims to help develop the critical, digital skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education STEM programs.

Participating teams must display exceptional performance for three rounds to be selected to compete against top teams across the country. Placing 1^{\text{st}} out of the 11 teams was Teapot, with Grade 11 Mackenzie students Steven Guikal, Celeste Luo, Nathan Lu, Matthew Li, Tracy Wang, and Quentin Fan-Chiang; and placing 2^{\text{nd}} was Premature Optimization, with Grade 12 Mackenzie students Theodore Preduta, Larry Yuan, Andy Cai, Feng Xiong, and Om Patel. We are extremely proud of our teams for their incredible performance, and hope that the upcoming year will only continue to give Mackenzie’s students opportunities to shine!



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