Announcing Our FIRST Hackathon: LyonHacks!

posted on April 2, 2021, 5:41 p.m.

Welcome to William Lyon Mackenzie's first-ever hackathon: LyonHacks !

Over 36 hours from April 13-15th, form teams of up to 4 people and build a project for the chance to win monetary prizes and certificates!


What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is both a social event to interact with other students, as well as a windowed competition where teams create projects to fill niches. Hackathons are all about ideas, creativity and learning; even if you've never programmed before, we'll lay out some fundamentals to make the event accessible to everyone! Typically, projects try to address some sort of problem or have an entertainment value; for example, a website finding bubble tea places near you, an AI to analyze body movements and form, or a video game based around the COVID situation. You'll be given prompts for inspiration along with resources and workshops to help guide you along your journey, in addition to fun social games we'll be hosting during the window!


This event will start at 6pm on April 13th, and end the afternoon of April 15th. An opening ceremony will kick things off, and teams will have the entire window (36 hours) to work on their project. Submissions will close at 10am, and internal judging will commence until our closing ceremony at 3pm.


Participants must register INDIVIDUALLY here by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 11th. Make sure you're signed in with your student email to gain access to the form. Only students attending William Lyon Mackenzie CI are eligible to participate.

Prizes and Judging

You do not have to stick to a prompt, feel free to create a project based on whatever interests you. Monetary prizes such as gift cards will be given to the winners of each category, in addition to certificates. For a full list of prizes, rules, and judging criteria, visit our Devpost page.


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