Ending Off 2020!

posted on Jan. 8, 2021, 2:13 p.m.

William Lyon Mackenzie’s Computer Programming Team, otherwise known as MCPT, has ended off 2020 with many notable achievements to look back on!

Computing Contests

Among MCPT’s various events, the Lyon’s Computing Contests (LCC) and MOOSE are two of the most popular ones each year. LCC, hosted for students from Mackenzie, has brought together approximately 70 Mackenzie students each month for the past 5 years - and students outside of Mackenzie can join in on the fun with the MOOSE contest, which offers the LCC problem sets on the MCPT website. The contests are very successful, and this year was no exception. With 78 teams from 17 schools across 2 countries participating in December’s LCC and MOOSE, the impact these contests have on students is shown by the numbers. Students displayed an impressive breadth of knowledge in the field of programming with 12 different coding languages used throughout 1251 submissions, and over 192 correct problem solutions submitted to the website!

The LCC and MOOSE contests are a wonderful starting point for students to begin their journey towards becoming a top-performing competitive programmer, as it was for MCPT’s Vice President of Competitive Christopher Trevisan. His path to winning a silver medal at the International Olympiad of Informatics this September began with the Junior-level LCC, displaying how the contests prepare students for distinguished programming competitions such as the ECOO contest hosted by the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario and the Canadian Computing Competition offered by Waterloo.


Mackenzie’s cybersecurity teams have also made huge accomplishments in these past few months. The passing of two rounds of the CyberPatriot competition has displayed the wide range of skills Mackenzie’s students have developed over the years. Competing against over 2500 teams internationally, notable Mackenzie teams include Teapot, placing 3rd in Round 1 and 9th in Round 2; Premature Optimization, placing 13th in Round 1 and 8th in Round 2; and Art Academy, placing 160th in Round 1 and 56th in Round 2. We are extremely proud of our teams for their incredible performance, and hope that the upcoming year will only continue to give Mackenzie’s students opportunities to shine!

MOOSE contest