Executive Role Descriptions

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Department Description
Communications - Must be able to access Facebook, Instagram, and Discord with provided account
- Will design promotional content such as posters and social media posts for CPT
- Will advertise and make announcements regarding club activities
- Will work with design software; Access to and experience with Photoshop or Illustrator is highly preferred
- Will help organize events/contests such as MOOSE, LCC, and Girls’ Invitational
- May be required to work on a short notice
Learning - Must be able to teach a given topic to an audience in an effective manner
- Must be open to being contacted/asked about a variety of programming-related topics, taught or potentially not taught
- Must have a thorough understanding of concepts taught in ICS classes
- Must have experience with Java and Processing (other languages are an asset)
- Will teach lessons surrounding various programming subjects
- Will design and execute events such as hackathons or game jams
- Will work with the Communications branch to plan and execute online events
Competitive - Must have experience programming in C, C++, Python, or Java (knowledge of others is an asset)
- Must have a solid foundation of competitive programming topics and techniques.
- Must be able to explain techniques and solutions in a correct, clear, and engaging manner
- Will write problems and editorials on the judge regularly
- Will generate data and any necessary checkers/graders for problems
- Will perform contest takeup
Judge - Must work closely with other branches who use the judge
- Must be able to debug problems and fix system and service issues
- Will keep the judge up and running in a stable manner
- Will pull in and merge upstream changes from DMOJ
- Will perform contest setup, overseeing problem and data uploading and contest scoring
- Will manage parts of MCPT's technological infrastructure (servers & services)
- May be required to work on short notice